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All Steel Designs' Warranty Information

Limited warranty 

This warranty is limited to our products only in accordance with the details set out below.  For the purpose of this warranty ‘defects’ means any imperfection that impairs the use of the Product, or parts and accessories (as the case may be), for its intended purpose.  The warranty period is from the date of original purchase. If any product is defective, All Steel Designs will repair or replace the defective product with a like or similar product in accordance with the below. 

This warranty, which must be read subject to your rights at law (see below) is provided on the following terms: 


The warranty period 

Our steel doors (Products) come with a 4 year limited express warranty against defects in material and workmanship with respect to the structural components of our Products. The warranty is a limited warranty for the structural components of the Product. 

The warranty period commences from the date of the original retail purchaser’s purchase of the Product. 


Installation requirements of the Product 

The warranty applies to each Product that: 

  • has been professionally installed by or on behalf of All Steel Designs; or 

  • has otherwise been installed strictly in accordance with All Steel Designs’ written assembly instructions, a copy of which will be included with packaging of the Product. 


If the Product is installed by someone other than an All Steel Designs professional representative, the purchaser must take photographs of the Product as installed to clearly prove that the Product has been correctly installed in accordance with All Steel Designs’ written assembly instructions. The photographs must be date stamped for verification purposes. The purchaser must retain copies of the photographs for the purpose of making a claim under this warranty (see below). All Steel Designs reserves the right not to honour a claim under this warranty if a purchaser, who self-installed the Product, cannot produce clear photographic evidence that the Product was correctly installed. 


Use of the Product 

This warranty is conditional upon the Product being used for normal activities/uses and otherwise being maintained in accordance with any written instructions included inside and/or on the Product’s packaging. 


Limitations on the warranty 

This warranty is solely for the benefit of the original retail purchaser of the Product. This warranty immediately ceases if and when ownership of the Product is transferred to another person. 

The Warranty does not extend to the replacement or repair of the Product or parts where the defect is caused by or attributable to any of the following: 

  • improper installation of the Product; 

  • improper use of the Product, e.g. using the Product in a manner that is inconsistent with the intended purpose of the Product or otherwise inconsistent with any written directions that accompany the Product; 

  • negligence in the use or maintenance of the Product; 

  • abuse or vandalism of the Product; 

  • alteration of the Product; 

  • fire; 

  • paint, rusted parts, surface scratches, fading, discoloration, cracking or normal wear and tear that does not affect the intended functionality of the Product; and 

  • damage to the Product caused by an act of God, including extreme weather, flooding, earthquakes and the like.  


Making a claim under the Warranty

All Steel Designs warrants that the Product, including parts and workmanship, are free from defects. However, if there is a defect in the Product, the parts or in our workmanship then, subject to the limitations above, All Steel Designs will, at its discretion either repair or replace the relevant defective Product or part(s). 

All Steel Designs will bear the reasonable cost to repair or replace any defective Product, or parts, that have been validly claimed under this warranty. When returning or exchanging a faulty, damaged or incorrectly described products, All Steel Designs may come out to inspect the product, make repairs as necessary or arrange a return courier service on your behalf.  If, upon inspection, the product is found not be faulty, damaged or incorrectly described we may require you to pay for the cost of returning the product. 

Subject to any additional rights you may have at law, the repair or replacement of a defective Product in accordance with the terms of this warranty represents All Steel Designs’ exclusive remedy. All Steel Designs is not liable for any other damages or expenses incurred or for loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss or consequential damages suffered as a result of the Product, parts or workmanship being defective. 

To make a claim under the Warranty the purchaser must provide the following details to All Steel Designs: 

  • the original retail purchaser’s receipt (or other proof of purchase) for the Product; 

  • a full and clear description of the defect(s) affecting the Product or its parts including any available photographs of the defect(s); 

  • if the Product was self-installed, please also provide photographs taken at the time of installation showing correct installation of the Product; and 

  • the purchaser’s full contact details, including: 

    • full name; 

    • telephone contact number; 

    • contact email address; and 

    • shipping address. 

All correspondence relating to claims under the warranty by the original purchaser must be sent to


Consumer guarantees 

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. 

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