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Door & Window
Installation Guide

All Steel Designs strongly suggests that you engage in a qualified carpenter or installer to install your doors or windows. This will help ensure products are being installed correctly and safely and will avoid any warranty issues due to incorrect installation.


The below guide is meant to be general in nature and are only tips to help with the installation process.



  1. If you are installing an external door or window, we recommend that you have a qualified builder or carpenter carry out the flashing of the outer frame. This will ensure that they have complied with building standards.

  2. Ensure your framing is strong and secure. If the wall surrounding your door isn’t properly secured, this could cause movement after the installation, and potentially damage your doors or windows.

  3. The opening in which you are going to install your door or window needs to be plumb and level. The opening must be level side to side, you can check this by using a level or a laser level. The opening also must be plumb, you can check this using the same level or with a laser level. Make sure you check both sides of the opening. The floor beneath the doorway or the window sill also needs to be level.

  4. The opening should have a clearance of about 5mm at each side and 5mm at the top. This will ensure that you have room to fit the doors or windows if your opening is uneven.

  5. Insert the frame into the opening. Depending on the style of the door you may need to attach some parts separately.

  6. Secure the frame into position by screwing through the reveals or frames where appropriate. If required, attach doors to fixed frames, by clicking them into the hinges.

  7. For window and external door installation use packers on all sides of the opening ensuring it is plumb and level.

  8. Finally, install any door or window hardware including handles or locks. Ensure they are fitted properly and test that they open, close and lock with ease.

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