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  • Do you have a showroom?
    Yes! Our showroom in Coburg North Victoria has a small amount of stock, colour samples and hardware options on display and our design consultants eager to help create a feature door for your home. All ASD doors are custom made to measure, you can forward your door schedule or we can help you design a door suitable for you space achieving all your design goals while keeping in mind functionality for your home. Please book in an appointment via our website to avoid missing us in case we're out on site conducting installs! SYDNEY SHOWROOM COMING SOON!
  • How long will my order take?
    The design process can take a few days for one client and weeks for another. It all comes down to knowing what you want and how quickly you approve your shop drawings. Our current lead times for manufacturing are 12weeks from approval to shop drawings, to delivery to site. If we can deliver in shorter time period, of course we will. Install times depend on how big your project is, it can be anywhere from 1 hour to a few days.
  • How can I obtain a quote for my order?
    Please fill out our quote submission form or send an email to along with: - Email and contact details - Project address / Postcode - Door schedule and/or design intent - Measurements (rough measurements) - Special requirements The more information you can provide will allow our Design Consultants to promptly respond with an accurate quotation for your project. We may need to get in touch to obtain further information before providing a precise quote.
  • Where are your products made?
    Our design team is located in Brunswick Victoria where they work closely with our manufacturing team in Guangzhou, China. From the design concept and functionality assessment of your door right through to the dispatch of our products all items undertake an extensive quality check against Australian Standards.
  • Do you have double glazed options?
    We sure do. We have single, double, and even triple glazed options available in clear LOWe, laminated, fluted, opaque, tinted glass types + More in varying thicknesses and all toughened glass. All ASD orders are custom made therefore if you have a specific glass type to adhere to for your energy report rating please let us know.
  • Do your products comply with Australian Standards?
    Our doors and windows are certified to AS 2047 which is the mandatory minimum specification for the performance of windows and doors used in Australia. The Glass Standard AS 1288. Our products go through extensive tests such as Deflection Test, Air Infiltration Test, Operating Force Test, Water Penetration Resistance Test and Ultimate Strength Test to achieve the AS 2047 and are checked by legal Australian Compliance & Safety Service Experts. For a full list of the tests undertaken or to have your doors/windows retested please email us at
  • Do your products come with a warranty period?
    Yes. Our steel doors and windows come with a 4 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship with respect to the structural components. Please see our warranty section for further details.
  • Do you provide shop drawings?
    Yes, we sure do. Within 5 business days of confirming your order, you will receive your shop drawings. Your drawings will show specific details such as dimensions, handles, joints, hinges, pivots, door openings etc. Your shop drawings will be used to manufacture your order, once approved changes cannot be made.
  • Oops! What happens if I make a mistake measuring my window/door or changes occur on my build?
    OH DEAR! Steel, unlike a timber door, can not be amended or shaved down to size on site after fabrication. This is why it's important to triple-check and review your shop drawings with your builder/installer before signing. Our manufacturing team will fabricate your order from your shop drawings which can not be changed after signing. At ASD we live by measuring twice, triple check drawings and fabricating once!! In the unforeseeable event your opening or requirements change on site please give us a call and let's see what we can do to help.
  • What type of finish are your steel doors & windows?
    We have three paint finishes available: Hot galvanized zinc spray (our most popular) Powder coat finish Marine-grade Fluorocarbon (the highest and most durable of paint finishes)
  • What finish colours do you have available?
    The short answer is - Every colour in the rainbow and more. At ASD, we have an extensive range of colours from your standard matte black, white, and grey tones to more vibrant colours such as orange, green and blue. Our entire colour range can be viewed at our Brunswick showroom where one of our design consultants can assist with colour matching to most Dulux colours. When you pop in for your consultation, take a look at our unique range of copper and bronze finishes exclusive to ASD customers for an aged rustic look.
  • Do you offer site measure/installation & glazing?
    We use trusted contractors for site measure and installations in Victoria only. If you are an interstate client or have a carpenter/builder already contracted on your project they can also install for you, following our installation directions. All of our doors and windows arrive to site with your chosen glazing installed and packed with all hardware and accessories required for a safe install.
  • How do I maintain my doors and windows?
    Please refer to our After Installation Care inscructions.
  • How do we contact you for media or collaboration enquiries?
    While we limit our number of collaborations, please feel free to send a detailed email with all the information on your project to for consideration.
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