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How to Measure

Using a tape measure, or for larger spaces, a laser measurer would be helpful, measure from the top left to the top right of the opening. We recommend measuring the middle and lower parts of the door as well. If you get different dimensions don't be alarmed, use the smallest width measurement.


Repeat this from top to bottom to find the height of the opening, again be sure to measure in 3 different sections, left top to left bottom, middle and right, to get the most accurate measurement. Take the smallest number if your measurements differ.

Once you have measured the opening size, you need to consider if your door or window will have separate sections that you may need to measure. For example, a fixed window at the top of the door. Repeat the instructions above to measure any other sections you may require.


All Steel Designs Consultants are here to assist with any design/function questions that you may have.


Measure a thousand times, cut once.
Submit your measurements today.

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