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10 Ways to Incorporate Arches & Curves into your Home

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Curves have gradually made a come back to life and this is a come back we've been cheering on for some time now. From contoured curved walls and hallways to alluring sofas and furniture, it’s all about curves for home design in 2021/2022.

Are you in love with curves, curious and looking for subtle ways to bring arches and curves into your home without over doing it? We have created a list of our top 10 ideas to help you on your way.

Arched Windows & Doors

archway décor ideas

Image source: PB&Co

An arch window or door is a clever way to add architectural interest to any room. Arched entranceways with stellar glass panels allow light to pour into a room blurring the lines between indoors and out, creating a true indoor outdoor setting.

Curved Walls

interior archway decorating ideas

Image source: The Block 2020 Luke & Jasmine

Curved walls soften spaces and believe it or not they wont break the budget if finishing with plasterboard or timber lining. From living areas to bathrooms or external facades curved walls can easily be incorporated into your home design.

Arched Hallways

Archway décor

Image source: Thompson Custom Homes

The return of arched hallways may have come as a surprise to those of us who grew up in 19080's suburbia surrounded by brick veneer homes however it was only a matter of time with Mediterranean architecture back in vogue. A trend we think is here to stay!

Curvaceous Staircases

arch decoration ideas in home

Image source: Giorgi Architects Builders

Want to make the most of your space? Spiral staircases have a small footprint requiring less room while being the biggest focal point when entering your home. Gone are the days when stairs are boring and purely a functionality in a home.

Curved Bathtubs & Fixtures

arch decoration ideas in home


Looking to incorporate curves in your bathroom? Your bath, sinks, plumbing fixtures and joinery are a great place to start for momentous impact. Curved bathroom features inject a soft, soothing element that aids in creating a sanctuary of harmonious tranquillity.

Curvy Kitchen

arch decoration ideas in kitchen

Image source: The Block Sarah and George

We can not get enough of the trending curved kitchen island corners, rounded cupboards and arched butler's pantry doors. When connected to other key areas of the house with more curves such as living and dinning it boosts the premium finish in the whole space.

Rounded Couches

arch decoration ideas

Image source: Rove Concepts Reya Curved Sectional

Once a statement piece in any mid-century home, curved furniture is getting its second wind as we see the revival of Art- Deco shapes, retro designs and rounded elements in 2021 modern homes. How round is too round you may ask, we say how long is a piece of string? however, keep in mind comfort and functionality when considering a round couch.

Furniture with Round Edges

arch way ideas

Image source: Pineapple Crete

Make the cosiest living area even cosier with curved furniture pieces, like this concrete coffee table from Pineapple Crete. Curved furniture looks gorgeous in neutrals, especially when you’re playing with sleek lines and toddler safe with no sharp edges WIN WIN!

Garden Arches

garden arches

Image source: Habitat Housing

Be ahead of the curve and trend with curved arches in your garden. While this isn't the cheapest curve to add to your home, what an impact it will have while enjoying the summer sunshine living resort life daily.

Arched Mirrors

arch way ideas

Image source: ABI Interiors

Mirrors, whether round or sharp edged in shape, create an illusion even a small room has an abundance of space. Arched mirrors bring a sense of class to a room with its soft edges, you can't go wrong no matter the style of the room.

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